It’s best to work out what equipment you really need and how to decipher the marketing spiel of the manufacturers and retailers so that you can make the right decision. Very often, people make the mistake of choosing the camera with the greatest number of megapixels. However, megapixels are not everything! Suffice to say, you only need a camera with a adequate amount of megapixels depending on the size of the photos you will want to print.

Use the megapixel chart below to determine the minimum number of pixel count on your camera you will generally need for your purposes. The numbers represent the megapixels you will need for the different sizes of your image.

We’ve heard about megapixels and they often become the chief deciding factor when we choose a camera but what really are they for? And do we really need to get the camera with the greatest number of megapixel?

Here’s an article by Dan Feildman, that reveals to us what megapixels are really for:

And remember, you don’t necessary have to buy a camera on the market with most number of megapixels!