It’s best to work out what equipment you really need and how to decipher the marketing spiel of the manufacturers and retailers so that you can make the right decision. Very often, people make the mistake of choosing the camera with the greatest number of megapixels. However, megapixels are not everything! Suffice to say, you only need a camera with a adequate amount of megapixels depending on the size of the photos you will want to print.

Use the megapixel chart below to determine the minimum number of pixel count on your camera you will generally need for your purposes. The numbers represent the megapixels you will need for the different sizes of your image.


Very often, we are often faced with dilemma of choosing THE right camera. Yes, the market today is saturated with different kinds of digital camera that we are often spoilt for choice!!

And, here are some pointers you may want to follow as you are looking to purchase a camera.

#1: When you are deciding on a digital camera to purchase, there are a few key considerations that you may want to take into account first. The first decision is in regards to your overall camera needs. You have to think of how often you will be using the camera and where you will be taking the majority of your pictures. Also, you need to think about how discriminating you are when it comes to things like picture composition and resolution.

#2: After you’ve established your basic picture taking needs, you can turn to price and size considerations next, since you know that these will severely limit your options a bit it will be worth it. Many online retailers offer services that are geared toward helping their customers balance camera needs with camera costs properly.

#3: Finally, when you have narrowed the pool down to only a few key choices, you will want to think about finer details such as megapixels and other camera features.

There are so many features that are out there that you can definitely find the perfect camera. Some come fully loaded with modern technology whereas others come with specific features.

All you really need to do is asses your needs and desires, and if need be, get the help of a professional to choose the perfect bit of equipment for your digital imaging. It’s that easy! :D

My favorite place to find good equipment is Radio Shack or the Future Shop. Best Buy is pretty good when it comes to prices as well as Staples. You can search online, and visit camera review websites. I find it to be extremely useful when I am looking for a good camera. Anw, what better way to know more about a camera than to hear from the users themselves!

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Photographers Secrets to Taking Family Photographs - Cheaply & Easily

As the name of my blog suggests, mastering digital photography is not all complicated and YES! you dont have to spend a thousand bucks to get a camera in order to take great pictures! Guess what, the pictures that I have taken so far are taken with a simple point and shoot camera (sony DSC t100) but of course it’s mainly because i dont have a thousand bucks and i’m only a college kid saving money to get the latest ipod or to go on a shopping spree -_-

Anyway I have researched on some of the best pocket cameras and here’s a simple summary of what I THINK. (Tom, this is dedicated to you. Sorry for taking such a long time to reply you)


Aha! I would say this is my fav, but thats because ITS MY CAMERA and i’ve been taking it with me everywhere I go. However, the fact of the matter is, this little sleek machine is in a league of it’s own and slips snuggly into the back of your jeans and fits in your palm. It is small and compact with sharp features and easy to use interface, not to mention the large LCD. I love the ergonomics of the camera in a sense that you just have to slide down the lens cover to switch on camera so that you don’t have to fumble with the buttons to quickly switch on the camera and snap a picture. It shoots really fast and excellent for travelling or if you’re always on the go (again the sliding down of the lens cover adds to your convenience). And for that small little machine, the quality of the pictures is simply excellent. This camera has a video feature (like most digital cameras) but you will not be able to record sounds as it does not have an in-built microphone (just to let you know Tom!)

Sony DSC T300

Ahh this camera is similar to my camera (Sony T100) except that it’s on steriods, with more features (movie mode with sound), higher resoultion and of course..higher price. It is sleeker and sexier, with a touch-screen LCD and allows you to take videos at 30 fps (better streaming).

Canon SD870 (NO Optical viewfinder) $258

This camera is very simlar to the Sony T300, in a sense that it is equally small and compact with 8 Megapixels compared the Sony T300’s 10.1 megapixels (mine’s 8.1 megapixels) and has simlar video recording features (30 fps) . It is definitely cheaper than Sony T300 and hence it has great value for the price you pay is known for its good quality pictures as i found from many reviews. It would be my recomendation second to my camera as it is not too expensive but known for its great quality pictures from many reviews and enables you to take videos just like you have told me. However, note that it has no optical viewfinder (the tiny window that you use to peep through when you take your pictures) but i do not think that matters alot as the camera will have an LCD screen. The optical zoom for this camera is 3.8X compared to Sony T100’s 5X optical zoom.

Canon SD1100

This camera is smaller than the previous one. And here’s its plus point… the optical image stabilization! It helps prevent blurry images due to hand shake. A pocketable 8-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and a fairly inexpensive price tag is a good find. However the zoom may not be as sharp and the quality of the image may pale in comparison to that of Canon SD870 and the Sony cameras mentioned above.

The Verdict

Alright I would personally recomend Sony T100 (yea you knew it) mainly because i’ve tried it and it has never failed me. I think it’s excellent for a point and shoot camera and snaps pictures really fast and the plus point is that im in love with the slider as it allows me to switch on the camera just by sliding down the camera lens. there’s no need to fumble for that little power button. Why not Sony t300? Because it is slightly too pricey but if I am loaded it would be one of my choices. Second to that would be Canon SD870 for its value for money for good quality pictures and videos AND not to mention, several rave reviews. The only downside? no optical viewfinder. Though it personally does not really affect me.

There you go! I hope you now have a clearer picture of the SOME of the great pocket cameras in the market. there are perhaps alot more great cameras out there but these are just some of the models which caught my attention. Feel free to pop me any questions or feedbacks=)

Photographers Secrets to Taking Family Photographs - Cheaply & Easily