Digital or Film Cameras?

September 4, 2008

Okay, despite the fact that we see digital cameras everywhere these days and that film cameras are long considered ‘ancient’ or ‘vintage’, you will find that some professional photographers still choose to use film cameras. Why, because digital cameras can have their advantages and disadvantages too and in many cases, film cameras are better than digital cameras.

If you’re planning to purchase a digital camera, here is a brief synopsis of some pros and cons of shooting digital:


  • More often, better results

Then instant picture feedback allows you to make immediate adjustments to your camera settings and composition of your picture hence this allows you to produce better quality results more often.

  • Cost

It’s irrefutable that digital cameras tend to be more expensive than film cameras, but think of all the money you would have spent on buying and processing film.

  • Control

With the technology built into many digital cameras, you have dar greater control over the final image than ever had with film.

  • Image Quality

This may be a little controversial but compared to similar 35mm cameras, digital cameras are superior at picking out details particularly in low-light conditions

  • Flexibility

You have the flexibility to turn your pictures into various mediums with the wonders of digital code, be it interactive web sites, greeting cards, calendars, and tons more!


  • Speed

Only top-end professional cameras offer shooting speeds comparable with film cameras. If you like photographing action sports or wildlife, you may be disappointed with digital cams.

  • Power Consumption

Digital cams eat batteries. Serious! You need to make sure you have plenty of spare ones available on those once-in-a-lifetime occasions.

  • Dust

Digital cams have the propensity for attracting particles of dust, which then appear on your pictures as gray blobs or bright spots. The sensor must be cleaned regularly though this is not a simple task, given the fragility of the device.

And that’s it! I hopt you will know be more informed about digital photography and that this may help if you are looking to take up photography as your serious hobby! Hang around, for more quick photography lessons yea?

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We’ve heard about megapixels and they often become the chief deciding factor when we choose a camera but what really are they for? And do we really need to get the camera with the greatest number of megapixel?

Here’s an article by Dan Feildman, that reveals to us what megapixels are really for:

And remember, you don’t necessary have to buy a camera on the market with most number of megapixels!

Very often, we are often faced with dilemma of choosing THE right camera. Yes, the market today is saturated with different kinds of digital camera that we are often spoilt for choice!!

And, here are some pointers you may want to follow as you are looking to purchase a camera.

#1: When you are deciding on a digital camera to purchase, there are a few key considerations that you may want to take into account first. The first decision is in regards to your overall camera needs. You have to think of how often you will be using the camera and where you will be taking the majority of your pictures. Also, you need to think about how discriminating you are when it comes to things like picture composition and resolution.

#2: After you’ve established your basic picture taking needs, you can turn to price and size considerations next, since you know that these will severely limit your options a bit it will be worth it. Many online retailers offer services that are geared toward helping their customers balance camera needs with camera costs properly.

#3: Finally, when you have narrowed the pool down to only a few key choices, you will want to think about finer details such as megapixels and other camera features.

There are so many features that are out there that you can definitely find the perfect camera. Some come fully loaded with modern technology whereas others come with specific features.

All you really need to do is asses your needs and desires, and if need be, get the help of a professional to choose the perfect bit of equipment for your digital imaging. It’s that easy! :D

My favorite place to find good equipment is Radio Shack or the Future Shop. Best Buy is pretty good when it comes to prices as well as Staples. You can search online, and visit camera review websites. I find it to be extremely useful when I am looking for a good camera. Anw, what better way to know more about a camera than to hear from the users themselves!

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