Taking Group Shots

July 1, 2008

Group photos always end up posed, when everybody has a forced smile on their faces. If you would like to capture a candid shot of everyone, the trick is to NOT say ‘Cheese!” or countdown when you are about to take a picture. When everybody in place, but is not looking at the camera, quickly snap a picture to capture their expressions.

It can be real fun when you look back on those candid expressions. This method can be quite tricky as you may end up with blurry images when people are moving around to get into the right position or blinking when you snap the picture. You may want to set your camera to the burst mode or take a few shots at a time. Make a funny statement or a joke to make them laugh and at that moment, quickly snap the picture.

Photographers Secrets to Taking Family Photographs - Cheaply & Easily



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