Let Your Creativity Take Over

June 27, 2008

Photography is not only a technical hobby but also a mastery of artistry.

Let your creative juices flow as you take pictures. Before you even aim the camera, picture the scene you want to produce in your photograph in your mind.

Embrace different perspectives and points of view as you take your pictures. You could shoot as though you are overlooking someone’s shoulder or peeping through a hole or doorway.

Tip of The Day: Use unusual points of view such as the mirror reflection of your side mirror on your car, or more commonly, the mirrors of bathrooms when you are fooling around with your friends.

The camera is a magic window that transforms the world.Irving Pobboravsky











On a side note, the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert last week was ROCKIN’!

Here’s my favourite shot. Awesome guitar huh! With the skills to match too..

Photographers Secrets to Taking Family Photographs - Cheaply & Easily



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